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Exit by Choice is a program developed by Dan Berteanu for the sole purpose to help entrepreneurs get the ultimate manifestation of freedom when it comes to their company. After working with more than 1000 entrepreneurs and already exiting 3 companies, they decided it is only natural to take the next step and share from their experience of building, operating, and growing successful businesses of their own.

  1. educate the entrepreneurs
  2. facilitate the exit planning
  3. provide actionable tools.
  4. advice for strategic choices
  5. keep the entrepreneur accountable to stick to the plan
Our Team

Meet The Professionals!

Dan Berteanu

I am a computer science engineer by education, but a sales professional by practice. After more than 27 years of selling, I continue to love understanding, challenging, and pitching my customers. 

In 2012 I bought the Romanian franchise of AchieveGlobal and started my entrepreneurial journey. Since then, I have done 3 exits, several sales & marketing redesign projects for technology, health care, and financial companies, and launched two new start-ups.

On a more personal note, I found my soulmate back in 1987 and we married 9 years later. We grow old and travel through life together being proud of our children, Radu and Anca. 

I am an endurance triathlete, finishing 4 full-Ironman races so far. I read daily about sales&marketing, behavior economics, and exit strategies, and I am an addicted bridge player.

Iulian Rizea

Shortly, I am a certified value builder advisor, interacting with over 1000 entrepreneurs in the last 10 years.

Professionally, through the Entrepreneurship programs within Romanian Business Leaders, I facilitated the transfer of value of over 10 million euros between top entrepreneurs and growing entrepreneurs. Thus, I deeply understand the blockages of entrepreneurs in the scaling stage and the challenges of the transition to a company that creates independent value.

I graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies. After that, I attended the Fast Track Management Program courses at the Bucharest International School of Management and I am certified as a Program Mentoring Manager within the ITOL – International Training and Learning Organization. Of course, the reason why I am here – I am also a Certified Value Builder within Value Builder Systems.

I do have a special affinity for etymology and my favorite ways to relax are outdoor cooking, bird watching, and gardening.

Why Working With Us?

Business oriented & Strategic vision
Effective teamworking
Comprehensive and education-based approach
Entrepreneurial minded