FREEDOM Project in Dentistry

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for Romanian Dental Clinics owners

dan berteanu

Dan Berteanu, founder Exit by Choice

Hey there,
If you are a Romanian entrepreneur in Oral Health industry, then probably your dental clinic represents one of your largest assets. If your organisation became too big to be small , yet too small to be big, you are presumably contemplating one of the following future pathways:
Professionalize your clinic by building management capabilities, eventually appointing a CEO, and step back from day-to-day operations
Attract an investment (smart money, preferably) and accelerate the growth of your clinic by continuing to lead it yourself
Exit to a strategic or institutional acquirer and enjoy your life or the next level of your entrepreneurial journey
In all these scenarios you need to prepare your dental clinic, as well as preparing yourself.
We can help!


building valuable and sellable Romanian dental clinics

The Oral Health industry is one of the biggest opportunities we have in Romania to create economic added value and individual wealth. For that reason, we joined forces with leading players in the industry and launched a unique project, based on an internationally validated and statistically proven methodology called The Value Builder System, which is used by more than 65.000 business owners worldwide to build valuable companies that can thrive without them.

“Built to Last” business advisory package

for business owners who prefer self-education and autonomy

The “Built to Last” package cost is 4200 EUR. However, with the support of our partners, we can offer 100% discounted packages for 8 business owners who are interested to increase the sustainability and the market value of their dental clinic.
If you are one of them…

The Value Builder System™ methodology?

watch this 2-minute video and get a grasp of the opportunity
The infographic below depicts the 8 Value Drivers of critical importance for potential investors or acquirers.

“Built to Last” business advisory package

find below what are the deliverables and your gains

1.The Value Builder Score™ assessment


Our assessment (only 15 minutes to fill-in) will give you the opportunity to benchmark you company against the 8 value drivers of critical importance to an investor or acquirer. The report provides you the general score, the comparison with your industry average, a quick valuation for your business and some recommendations for improvement. More than 65.000 business owners used our assessment in the last 12 years.

2. The Value Builder System™ online platform – 1 year access


The online platform gives you access to a very structured and internationally validated method to increase the market value of your company. Organized in 12 modules, the content of the platform consists of 45 educational video tutorials, 16 strategic planning exercises and a monitoring tool for the execution phase.

3. Strategic Planning session – 2-hour session


Leveraging the Value Builder Score™ report you will have a 1-to-1 strategic planning online session, where guided by a Certified Value Advisor you will create the Master Action plan for your company determining the expected progress, the obstacles to overcome and the actions to be implemented.

4.Live Q&A sessions – 8-months schedule


We know that each of us has its own learning style and pace. Moreover, we know that the value building is a complex task and sometimes even complicated. You will have access to Q&Q live sessions each month (2 value drivers a week) for a period of 8 months. Basically, there will be 8 Q&A sessions for each driver during your 1-year access to the package, this way no matter what month you get accepted there are plenty opportunities to get your questions answered by a Certified Value Advisor.

5.  “I am stuck” emergency call – 2-hours session


We all know that execution makes the difference between doers and dreamers, but we also know that sometimes we need an external perspective to get unstuck. From difficult situations. Therefore, in maximum 24h after your “asking for help email” a Certified Value Builder will call you and help you move forward with your plan.

6. Closing & PreScore™ assessment

GasGauge_PREScore (1)

The last building block of the package is a 2-hour meeting where we analyze the results you got and the most logical next steps. In addition, we will debrief your Personal Readiness to Exit report, as we know from experience that a successful preparation for exit involves both your company and you.

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