… much too often this is not the case!

Business owners are either caught unprepared by unsolicited buying offers or they get burned-out by too many operational problems they carried-on for years.

This is why they leave money on the table or miss once in a lifetime opportunities.

We guide business owners to strategically prepare their business and themselves for an investment or an exit.


Dan Berteanu


After finishing my computer science engineer studies, I started in sales and soon afterwards my management career. After 16 years, back in 2012, I bought the Romanian franchise of AchieveGlobal, rebranded it, grew it, share-swapped it in a deal with a publicly traded company, and completed my exit in 2022.

In the same year, I launched “Exit by Choice”, a boutique business advisory practice, with the mission to help Romanian entrepreneurs grow the market value of their company by looking at it through the lenses of an acquiror.


I am an endurance athlete, finishing so far more than 20 marathons, 1 ultramarathon and 5 full IRONMAN races. I read about sales and marketing, behavior economics and exit strategy. I am also a passionate bridge player. In 2022, the year I turned 50, I emigrated to France.

Andreea Pipernea


I have a 25-year professional background in financial services, including corporate and investment banking, asset management and insurance. During  all this time I have been working with local entrepreneurial businesses in various capacities ranging from creditor to equity investor and M&A advisor.

Additionally, I am acting as Independent Director in boards of local companies and as Angel Investor & Business Advisor for several startups.

I am also an ICF-certified Executive Coach and an Associate Professor at ASE Bucharest.

In 2023 I decided to join Exit by Choice, the Romanian advisory boutique that aims to establish exit readiness as a sound and effective practice among business owners.


I am a proud mother of 3, passionate about Pilates and Yoga, a community builder (Womanity) and an avid networker. I read about Psychology as a basis for our behavior in business and personal life and I write and speak about entrepreneurship, private equity and female leadership.

Iulian Rizea


Following the completion of my studies in economics and financial markets, I embarked on a career in the financial services sector. Back in 2007, when Romania became a part of the EU, I undertook the challenge of building the local operations for the first foreign online trading broker to enter the Romanian market. This pioneering endeavor involved a Bulgarian company and led to our establishment as a key player in our niche.

Starting from 2013, within the Romanian Business Leaders community, I assumed the responsibility of overseeing business support programs for over 500 entrepreneurs. These programs encompassed educational workshops, mentoring, facilitation of access to advisory boards, and connections with potential investors. During the challenging times of the pandemic, I harnessed the opportunity to innovate, resulting in the creation of a unique mobile app—a tech solution for business mentoring. In 2023, marking my 40th year, I joined Exit by Choice as a Partner, furthering my commitment to the business world.


Outside of my professional pursuits, I am an avid reader with a deep interest in history, ethnography, and etymology. I derive great pleasure from exploring diverse landscapes, whether they are natural, urban, human, culinary, or linked to business.